NECC NEF Enduro3  The Adventure Race : 6th & 7th February 2016


200 sq.kms of Mountainous Terrain; Trekking, Mountain Cycling, Kayaking, Rappelling, River Crossing, Navigation, 250 Teams, 750 participants: 48 hours of pure Adrenaline Rush..


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Please Note : All Registered teams have to be present at the Ceremonial Flag Off  on the 6th of February in Pune with full equipment and cycles. The exact location will be shared on registration of our team. Teams will be handed over Team Kits, Maps and other race formalities at the Ceremonial Flag Off. 

All teams will have to cycle in a group ( abiding with all the traffic rules ) from the Ceremonial Flag off to a pre-designated point within the city. From that point Teams can either cycle ( approx 35 kms )  or arrange for a back vehicle up-to transport the members and their cycles to the Competitive Flag Off Point.

About NECC NEF Enduro3

NECC NEF Enduro3 started in 2003 is India’s first and only adventure race. Organized by National Education Foundation a non-profit making organisation based in Pune, Enduro3 is a multi-disciplinary team sport that tests the competitors’ physical & mental endurance. Teams cover a distance of over 250 Sq.Kms across vast geographical terrain; navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint steering past a combination of adventure sports like Trekking, Mountain Biking, Rappelling, Kayaking, River Crossing, Rifle Shooting and Navigation.

Do you want to feel the rush of adrenaline as you race alongside your team to the finish line? Do you want to experience the thrill of a multitude of sports all in one go? Then do register for the NECC NEF Enduro3 to pit your strength against an event of the same calibre!

NEF Enduro3 is a test for athletes, adventure sports professionals and outdoor enthusiasts with new and challenging routes, innovative and varied adventure sports disciplines whilst providing a platform to compete for serious prize money.  Enduro3 is the only race in India that has participation of mixed teams, families and various professionals like police, teachers, media and doctors. For participation it is mandatory to have 3 members in a team of same or opposite gender.

NECC NEF Enduro3 Kayaking

NECC NEF Enduro3 22 Rifle shooting

NECC NEF Enduro3 Trekking

NECC NEF Enduro3 River crossing

NECC NEF Enduro3 Orienteering

NECC NEF Enduro3 Mountain cycling

Race Route & Disciplines

The 14th Edition of Enduro3 will take place on 6th and 7th February, 2016. The 200 Sq. Km Race route will run through the panoramic Sahyadri ranges, the backwaters of Panshet Dam, the Konkan crest-line and along the majestic forts of Sinhagad, Rajgad and Torna. NEF Enduro3 practices undisclosed route format i.e the exact route is shared with participating teams on the day of the race itself.

The NECC NEF Enduro3 is a team event.  Each team has to have three members;  race distance and disciplines vary from category to category of your participation ranging from minimum of 40 kms. to maximum of 220 kms.

Race Disciplines for NEF Enduro3 2016

  • Trekking (50 Kms)
  • Mountain Cycling (150 Kms)
  • Kayaking (2 Kms)
  • River crossing (300 Meters)
  • Rappelling (120 Feet)
  • Orienteering
  • (.22 ) Rifle Shooting

Race distance and disciplines vary from category to category ranging from minimum of 40 kms. to a maximum of 220 kms. Each team has to have three members.

Note : NEF Enduro3 is not a recreational event but a serious adventure activity that requires an above average physical strength, stamina and mental endurance.

ROOKIE categories (1 Day Event, 30 to 40 kms, Low Difficultly)

  1. Juniors: All 3 team members should be School students from the 7th  to the 10th Standard.
  2. Doctors: All 3 team members should be medical doctors by profession.
  3. Teachers: All  3 team member should be teachers / professors teaching at recognized educational institutes.
  4. Family: All 3 team members should belong to same 1st family. (Blood Relation)
  5. Media: All  3 members should be professional from recognized press media outlets.
  6. 50+: All members should be above 50 years of age.

BASIC Categories  (Overnight, Approximately 80 Kms, Medium Difficultly)

  1. Collegians: All 3 members must be students of some college or  recognized educational institute.
  2. Corporate: All 3 members must be employed professionals.
  3. Police: All 3 team members must be employed with the Police Department.

INTERMEDIATE  Category (Overnight, Approximately 150 Kms, High Difficultly)

  • Amateur: Open to Everyone. Any 3 Individuals can be part of the Team.

EXPERT  Categories (Overnight, Approximately 220 Kms, Highest Difficultly)

  • Open: Open to Everyone. Any 3 Individuals can be part of the Team..
  • ProMix : Open to Everyone including individual participants from the Armed Forces, NDA, CME and other paramilitary establishments. No institutional Entries are Permitted. The Team will consist of 3 members with at least one Male and one Female member.The Team will have at least one Defence/ Paramilitary and one Civilian [ Non Defence – Non Paramilitary ] Team Member.

NOTE : Please Read the Rule Book for details on categories and their eligibility criteria.

We celebrate this 14th step by asserting our presence throughout India and welcoming teams from various cities. This is one race you definitely dont want to miss. REGISTRATION oF TEAMS STARTS 04/01/2016

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